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Dec 15, 2012. Stocking today at 1:15pm MT.

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Cloth Diapering

About Us



About Us

Tiny Tunas was founded in 2011, by 2 women who are passionate about their babies. Carly and Kayla teamed up and set out to find out how to make something they are passionate about even better. Both grew up in west central Alberta, and entered into the health care system before taking a break to become mothers. On the road to motherhood in each of their own ways they stumbled on the concept of cloth diapering.

For Kayla, the choice was simple. She wanted to save money and find a way to stretch an initial investment as far as she could. Kayla is known to her family as being “ 3 cheap”... as in “Not too cheap, but 3 cheap” so the thought of saving money through cloth diapering didn’t really surprise anyone. The fact that she stuck with it, however after her child was born in the spring of 2010 surprised everyone.

Carly and a co-worker were pregnant at the same time, and it was this co-worker who initiated Carly into the concept of cloth diapering. When her babe came later that year she started diapering with All In Ones, until leakage and heavy wetting became a problem. Carly looked into a better solution. Enter: Fitteds and Wool.

When Carly and Kayla met through a friend in 2010, they immediately hit it off as friends through a mutual love of cloth diapers. With each of them having ideas on how to improve what they were using they founded Tiny Tunas, and set out to create a fitted complete with a fantastic fit, minimal bulk, cute patterns and prints while using natural fibres.

When you buy a Tiny Tunas wool product you can rest assured that the product you are purchasing is a quality crafted hand dyed organic product, which was not assembly line produced. All Tiny Tunas products are made in Canada, and will always be. Every stitch was stitched with love, around nap times, bed times, lunch, snacks and cuddles. Every color batch was dyed over the same stove that makes birthday cakes and cookies.

Tiny Tunas was created to make cloth diapering better, easier and more convenient. It is our belief that every Tiny Tuna deserves a great cloth diaper.

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